New Yorkers Honor America’s Generosity by Helping Arkansas Tornado Survivors Rebuild this 9/11 Anniversary



Schedule of Events for September 1st through 5th.


On Thursday, April 9th 2009 at approximately 8:15pm, a tornado classified to be an EF3 blasted through the heart of Mena Arkansas, leaving in its wake piles of rubble, broken homes, and broken hearts. Many here have not seen such devastation except on national news, stories in magazines, or possibly the scattered remains of stories told by those who, in their own lives have seen such devastation firsthand.

Since that fateful day, people here have changed, almost immediately. The destructive power that was meant to tear apart the lives of those in its path, succumbed to the realization that people here, in this once preoccupied, languid city, has awaken to unite with brothers and sisters, friend and foe, neighbors and relatives from here and from afar to master the rebuilding process, not just of the homes, schools and businesses, but of the heart and soul of this city… the people, the culture, the dynasty.

Even with such a force of people to rebuild at least part of what was lost, there still remains the fact that there are some here left with the unfortunate fact that their home and possessions were not insured for such destruction. We, as the body of Christ, hold the responsibility to see that those in our community are cared for. Our intent is to do just that. If we can partner with those churches, organizations and communities that have a heart to care for such victims, we can accomplish much more through the grace and strength that God provides, than can the insurance companies, FEMA, and state and local agencies combined. We as the body of Christ can reach into the desperation one feels when morning losses and the realization they have no place to turn. We know they can turn to God. We must therefore be there as His servant, waiting and willing to lend a hand to those distraught, saddened, wounded, or offended. After all, we are ALL His children.

To what some would consider a daunting task, we see as a blessed opportunity to serve our community, and we proudly ask for help in accomplishing this goal. Not only have we had churches from Dallas, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Bentonville, and many others sending food, shelter and building supplies, we have also had numerous calls from all over the country of people asking how they can help. It has been an awesome experience to see such outpouring of God’s love through so many people.

If you are interested in partnering with us, Mission Mena, look over the list of opportunities of ways you can help as an individual, church, or team. Decide which best fits you and call us with any questions on how we can partner with you.


25 FDNY Firefighters join with disaster survivors from around the U.S. to “Pay It Forward” in Mena, Arkansas Sept. 2-5, 2010

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