The Polk County Long Term Recovery Committee is sponsoring “Labor for your Neighbor”, the week of October 5th – 11th. The purpose of this week will be to reach out to the community by remembering and celebrating the Sixth Month Anniversary of the Tornado.

Polk County and Mena has done a great job of recovery after the April Tornado, but there are still tarps on roofs, homes to be rebuilt and yards that need some TLC. As the PCLTRC has assessed the community and assisted many homeowners with repairs, they have discovered other needs that did not come about because of the tornado. As we gather volunteers for tornado repair, we would also like for the community to reach out to those with needs not covered by our organization.

What we are asking of all the businesses and organizations, is to organize your group for ONE day, or more, out of this week, to help a Neighbor with repair or cleanup (tornado related or NOT). To participate, your group leader is asked to:

1. Contact Lori Harrison to sign up your group. or 394-5472

2. Contact Lori Harrison to suggest neighbors to be added to the list.

3. Organize your group to “Labor for your Neighbor”, ONE DAY, or more, the week of October 5th – 11th.

4. OR – have a fundraiser for those who still need homes repaired/rebuilt.

PCLTRC will match your group with a job/Neighbor that fits your skills and time frame. Adults approved by your organization must supervise all participants 18 years old and younger. If your group has already identified a neighbor that you will help that week, please contact the PCLTRC so you and your neighbor can be added to our database.

The week will culminate with a memorial celebration in Jansen Park, Sunday afternoon, October 11th at 5 p.m. A free dinner will be served at 4 p.m. in the park. Groups will be recognized and new friends will be made. Bring your group and your lawn chairs.

Polk County Long Term Recovery Committee
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