Mission Statement

The mission of the Polk County Long Term Recovery Committee (PCLTRC) is to strengthen area wide disaster coordination through information sharing, simplifying the access to available resources for individuals and families, and jointly resolving cases with unmet needs from natural disasters.


  • Provide coordinated management of the long term recovery for natural disasters.

  • Provide additional long-term assistance to individuals affected by the disasters who do not have adequate personal resources for basic needs as a result of the recent disasters.

  • Advocate for ongoing preparedness within the faith community and cooperation with governmental and voluntary agencies active in the disasters.


  • An executive committee made up of representatives of the community will convene and facilitate regular meetings

  • Existing coordinated agencies such as non-profit voluntary agencies and faith based organizations, etc, as well as any organization serving disaster clients or having access to clients needing resources, may sit on the LTRC. Agency representatives should have decision-making authority for their organizations


  • Professional standards of confidentiality will apply to the committee at all times

  • Identify and educate on all disaster related resources

  • Cases will be brought directly to the committee by the case managers as needed if they are unable to meet needs from other sources

  • Through discussion, problem solving and sharing options and resources, the committee will jointly work together to help solve the unmet needs caused by natural disasters

  • Commitment of resources by an organization will be voluntary and based on that organization's eligibility criteria and approval

  • All cases brought before the LTRC must have a release of confidential information form signed by the client. This is necessary so that case information can be shared.